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About the tour

The Oakland loft and condo market is in transition. Inventory remains very low and we’ve had to rethink how to introduce clients to the district. While we wait for more properties to become available –and they surely will – we offer tools and resources to help you prepare, including familiarization tours of all the buildings in Jack London. On our walking tours, we offer extensive information about the architecture, complete pricing histories and forecasts and descriptions of the changes we see occurring in the district

Who we are

Now in our tenth year in Jack London, we’ve represented scores of buyers here. Our expertise is deep and broad.

Why now

If you are planning to make a purchase within the next 12 months, it is essential to begin planning now. Today’s low interest rates and tax benefits of ownership combine to make owning a very attractive proposition. For a time, there will be more buyers than sellers. Those buyers who are prepared will succeed. Starting with us on a Sunday morning is an excellent way to begin. You can register for a tour on this web page and we look forward to meeting you.